• Release date: 2018-06-26
  • Themes: Cute and Cuddly , ⁠Fun and Excitement , ⁠Movies and TV , ⁠War and Action
  • Subthemes: Silly , ⁠Soldiers , ⁠War , ⁠Platoon Cartoon
  • Developer: ELK Studios



Welcome to Hollywood!


The air vibrates of expectations. The studio is prepared with backdrops, lights, cameras and microphones. Everyone is excited and eager to get started with the production of the new action movie, especially the stars of the show who stumble and fumble around. All three recruits are armed with impressive rockets, heavy machine guns and grenades, all in order to battle and hopefully defeat the gold-filled snakes. All parts of the snake, from the tiniest coin to the big head, glare and shine in the light of the cameras, but what is hidden in the snake’s treasures?


The three Platooners are impossible to control, but as always eager to please. It is entertaining to see how they fire their rockets, machine guns and throw grenades resulting in respins, additional wilds and paylines of 5 of a kind in the base game. It works as test shots of the real action scene production taking place in the bonus game. All Snakes of Fortune are fully loaded with coins wins and mysterious bonus coins which reveal bigger wins, additional ammunition, increased attack power or even bombs at the time of explosion. Defeating one snake intensifies the action even further as the Platooners’ weapon become more powerful and they are challenged with an even stronger snake, which is also considerably more valuable and awarding.

Platooners is an action-filled 5 reel slot designed for Mobile First. It brings the familiar Bloopers back to action in an appealing Hollywood setting. Respin features are combined with an innovative and very rewarding bonus game. Connecting paylines generate up to 178 ways to win the sought after 250,000 coins.
Action stations – spin!

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Action Spins!

The excitement is boosted in every single spin, since a Platooner might turn up any time after a spin and fire his weapon as the reels start spinning again. All three recruits have their individual way of interacting with the reels, but always in the favor of the player.


In the early days of movies, stunt effects were done by the use of models, false perspective and other in-camera effects, unless the creator could find someone willing to jump from car to car or hang from the edge of a skyscraper. In our game, the Platooners are doing all the stunts by them selves.


We are proud to be able to say that we are innovative and always create new games. Reskinning is for others. There are so many interesting ideas bubbling in the studio so the challenge is to apply sure instinct and to realize the number ones.

Hand grenades

Do not try to pulling the pin in the “movie”way with your teeth or other types of tricks. In real life trying to pull the pin with your teeth will make you lose some of them. Take as a rule of your life to never use any grenades at all …