Land of Zenith

  • Release date: 2021-03-11
  • Themes: Adventure and Exploration , ⁠Around the World
  • Subthemes: Adventure , ⁠Exploration Treasure Island
  • Developer: Push Gaming

The latest enhancement in the online slot division is Land of Zenith from Push Gaming. Reach for the sky and embrace this highly volatile slot with over 20000x maximum win of your bet.




Land of Zenith by Push gaming is six reels, four rows video slot game with up to 30 ways to win.
The minimum you can bet is €0.10, while the maximum of €100 is designed for "high-rollers."
Autoplay function is available, where you can choose up to 100 auto-spins, so you can sit back and relax. There are single-win and balance limits to stop it.
Land of Zenith RTP is 96.29%, accompanied by high volatility.
If You are the one who chases enormous hits, Land of Zenith will not disappoint you due to a maximum win of 21003x of your initial bet.


Disc Mechanism
During the base game, the Disc Mechanism is noticeable and assists to trigger features.
The mechanism consists of three freely moving, round discs; an inner, middle, and outer disc.
Through a spin, if one of the grooves on each disc adjusts with each other to form a full groove, the Bouncing Mystery Feature will be instantly triggered.
At the start of each spin, there is a chance for the Disc Mechanism to turn gold. If the Disc Mechanism is golden during a spin where the three discs align, the Hypermode Free Spins Feature is instantly triggered instead of the Bouncing Mystery Feature.

Turner Symbols
Turner Symbols are unique symbols that may dock only on reels 2, 4 and 6 coming in 2 variants, Clockwise or Anticlockwise.
When a Turner Symbol arrives on reel 2, the Inner Disc will twist one step in the direction indicated by the Turner Symbol variant.
When a Turner Symbol arrives on reel 4, the Middle Disc will twist one step in the direction indicated by the Turner Symbol variant.
When a Turner Symbol arrives on reel 6, the Outer Disc will twist one step in the direction indicated by the Turner Symbol variant.

Bouncing Mystery Feature
Mystery Symbols are special symbols created throughout the Bouncing Mystery Feature that all reveal the equal symbol. When the feature is triggered, the player is given a Respin.
An Orb will blast off from the heart of the reels in a random spot. Every time it clashes with the edge of the reels, it produces a Mystery Symbol on the position nearest to where the collision occurred. There is then a chance for it to either disappear or split into two Orbs and rebound.
When two Orbs conflict they will leave, creating five Mystery Symbols in a cross shape, centered on the location nearest to the point where the collision occurred. If there are no more Orbs in view, the reels then land, and all Mystery Symbols will unveil the same symbol, taken at random.

Hypermode Free Spins
When the Feature is triggered, the player is given 20 seconds of Free Twirls, displayed on a Timer. The Timer will start counting down to 0 during the first Free Spin occurs.
Each time the player catches a Wild during the Free Spins, the pace at which the reels spins and lands increases and its party fills the Retrigger Meter presented close to the reels. Completely filling the Retrigger Meter causes a Retrigger. Retriggers resets the Timer to 10 seconds. There is no deadline to the number of times the Free Spins feature can Retrigger.
The first 4 Retriggers the player finishes will also remove symbol types from the reels. Each Retrigger will eliminate the current lowest value symbol from the reels for all following Free Spins.