HammerFall - New slot by Play'n GO

Release date : May 6, 2021

The absolute state-of-the-art slot comes from Play'n GO park. HammerFall is equipped with 8 bonus features and a maximum win of 30000x, what more can you ask for?


HammerFall by Play'n GO is a 7-reel, 7-rows video slot game in which wins are gained by getting 5 or more matching symbols in clusters. Winning symbols are removed, and another falls down to fill the gap.
The minimum you can bet is €0.20, while the maximum of €100 is designed for "high-rollers."
Autoplay function is available, where you can choose up to 100 auto-spins, so you can sit back and relax. There are single-win and balance limits to stop it.
HammerFall slot has an RTP of 96.20%, accompanied by high volatility.
If You are the one who chases enormous hits, HammerFall will not disappoint you due to a maximum win of 30000x of your initial bet.
HammerFall has 49/72 (68%) of prizes at-or-above bet.

Try the demo HERE.


Hammer Charge

Every win will charge the Hammer meter. 25 winning symbols would fully charge the Hammer and the Song feature comes into play. Overcharging the Hammer with an extra 25 winning symbols will trigger the Hammer High feature.

Hammer High

Hammer High awards all 3 Song Features on the reel.

Song Features

The slot is named after the power metal group of the same name from Gothenburg, Sweden, HammerFall. Therefore every stage - level - world is represented by a unique song by Hammerfall.

Twilight Princess - Getting 25 winning symbols on the Hammer in Twilight Princess world will get you a 2x2 Mega Wild added to the reel. After that, you're moving to the next World.

Second to None - Assembling 25 winning symbols on the Hammer in Second to None world would award you with transforming all high-paying symbols into MATCHING high-paying symbols. Following that, you're moving to the next World.

And Yet I Smile - Getting 25 winning symbols on the Hammer in And Yet I Smile world would crush all low-paying symbols on the reels. After that, you're moving to the first World.

Super Tiles and Lighting Wilds

If they are part of the winning cluster Super Tiles will transform into Lighting Wilds that can bring a multiplier up to x3.


Non-winning spins can randomly trigger the Destruction feature.

Never Forgive, Never Forget - One symbol is selected, transforming all symbols of that type into the center of the grid. Anything in their path will be destroyed.

Bring IT - Similar to Second to None world, all high-symbols would be selected, and some will be destroyed. Others will be converted into high-paying symbols.

One Against the World - All instances of one symbol on the grid are highlighted. The neighboring symbol will be transformed to match them or even destroyed.

Chain of Command - A Chain of symbols is chosen on the grid. Some of the symbols would be destroyed, others will transform into matching symbols.


Does HammerFall have Free Spins?

Does HammerFall have a Bonus Feature?
Yes. HammerFall has 8 different bonus features.

Does HammerFall have a buy Free Spins Feature?

What is the RTP of the HammerFall?
The RTP of the HammerFall is 96.20%

What is the volatility of the HammerFall?
The volatility of the HammerFall is high.

What is the maximum win of the HammerFall?
The maximum win on the HammerFall is x30000 of your bet.

The best thing to do is to test it yourself, either by playing the demo HERE or by picking one of many casinos that includes the slot in their collection HERE



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