€100.000 Quickspin Festival - new prize contest by Twin casino

Did you know that if you play Quickspin slot machines you dont actually have to spin quick? What does they have in store for us?

12 of the most popular Quickspin slots, five tournaments, and a staggering €100000 prize pool - this is the Quickspin Festival!

The rules can't be more simple

  • 1.Play any of the participating games with a minimum stake of €0.40.
  • 2.Climb the leaderboard by scoring the highest win multiplier in a single spin.
  • 3.The higher your position on the leaderboard is, the higher your share of the prize pool.
  • 4.There will be five two-day long tournaments with a prize pool of €20000 from 00:10 CET to 23:59.

Participating games:

Big Bad Wolf, Crystal Prince, Eastern Emeralds, Golden Glyph, Ghost Glyph, Hammer of Vulcan, Loco the Monkey, Nero's Fortune, Sakura Fortune, Tiger's Glory, Titan Thunder Wrath of Hades, and Wild Cauldron.

If you want your piece of cake try it at Twin Casino.




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