Cluster Slide - New slot by ELK Studios

Release date : Apr 06, 2021

Welcome to the Jellyton, a wild planet where square-shaped monsters are your best friends. Cluster Slide is the second game that has an X-iter feature implemented from ELK Studios.


Cluster Slide by ELK Studios  is a 7-reel,  8-rows video slot game with cluster pays.
The minimum you can bet is €0.20, while the maximum of €100 is designed for "high-rollers."
Autoplay function is available, where you can choose up to 50 auto-spins, so you can sit back and relax. There are no single-win and balance limits to stop it, so you have to do it manually.
The Cluster Slide slot has an RTP of 96%, accompanied by medium volatility and a hit frequency of 38.6%
If You are the one who chases enormous hits, Cluster Slide will not disappoint you due to a maximum win of 10000x of your initial bet.
Cluster Slide has 59/88 (67%) of prizes at-or-above bet.


Normal Wild

Substitute for any symbol except Bonus Symbol.

Multiplier Wild

A Multiplier Wild symbol that contributes to a winning cluster enhances the total multiplier by one and then shifts into a normal wild symbol. The total multiplier is connected to all wins in the current drop and to all subsequent winning clusters. The entire multiplier resets at the beginning of the next game round.


Removing Wild

A Removing Wild symbol that contributes to a winning cluster randomly picks a symbol type in view and eliminates all of its occurrences from the symbol grid. The Removing Wild itself is also removed.


Upgrading Wild

An Upgrading Wild symbol that contributes to a winning cluster randomly elects a symbol type in the picture and upgrades all of its occurrences on the symbol grid. Affected symbols are upgraded to the next symbol in the value hierarchy according to the paytable, and the Upgrading Wild is eliminated.
If multiple Upgrading Wild symbols contribute to winning clusters, they will all affect the identical symbols. If the affected symbols reach the greatest paying symbol type in the value hierarchy, the remaining Upgrading Wild symbols will randomly choose a new symbol type in view.


Random Wild

A Random Wild symbol that contributes to a winning cluster randomly rearranges 2-4 payout symbols on the symbol grid with wild symbols. The Random Wild symbol is then discarded.


Big Wild

A Big Wild symbol that contributes to a winning cluster randomly selects a payout or wild symbol on the symbol grid and unfolds it into a 2x2 sized symbol, and the Big Wild is then removed. Feature Wild symbols aren't influenced by the Big Wild.



Producing 5 Feature Wild symbols in the same game round grants an additive x5 multiplier that is attached to the total multiplier. The multiplier is used for all following winning clusters. The total multiplier is reset at the start of the next game round.


Free Spins - Bonus Round

Catch 3 Scatter symbols to trigger the bonus round. Bonus round contains 3 Wild Drops, each with a different wild symbol pattern awarded on the current symbol grid.

Buy Bonus Feature

Same as last release Bompers, ELK Studios gave us an X-iter feature. Choose up to 5 different options to buy a feature. The one we are looking forward to is a SUPER BONUS. Costing x300 of your bet will give you 5 WILD DROPS. Every drop comes with a different wild symbol pattern.


Does Cluster Slide have Free Spins?

Does Cluster Slide have a Bonus Feature?

Does Cluster Slide have a buy Bonus Feature?
Yes. You can buy a bonus for x100 or x300 of your initial bet.

What is the RTP of Cluster Slide?

What is the volatility of the Cluster Slide?
Medium volatility.

What is the maximum win of the Cluster Slide?

The best thing to do is to test it yourself, either by playing the demo HERE or by picking one of many casinos that includes the slot in their collection HERE



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