Can coronavirus beat online casinos?

In the last year we experienced enormous changes in our day to day life. With businesses closing and switching to work-at-home arrangements, gambling industry was not spared in the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. Your favourite land based casinos went into an indefinite lockdown and suddenly your sport's and lotto betting moved largely on online betting sites. Online gambling was not immune to those changes. With major sports events being canceled and gamblers being unable to place their sport's bets a lot of gambling traffic turned towards online gambling casinos. As Frontiersin reported there was a significant rise of online gamblers amid coronavirus pandemic which is something that coincidentally happens in every economic or social crisis. Also, according to GlobalPoker, coronavirus lockdown in US made the poker industry bloom with increase of 255% of first-time online poker players. All these changes are predicted to nearly double the online gambling market size from $57.96 billion to $92.86 billion in 2023 and then to NEARLY $120 billion in 2025.

With online gambling market on the rise online casinos are expecting some serious profit. More profit means more possibilities to invest back into the supply that they are putting on the gambling market.

What does that mean for us, average players?

With bigger profit and more players coming into the online gambling market every online casino in the world wants their piece of the pie. As in every business online casinos are trying to dominate the market and are able to offer bigger and better bonuses now with profits and number of users on the rise. As more and more players are joining our gambling community we will experience more slot games and better bonuses and offers.

With a potential third coronavirus wave in announcement it would be a great idea to check these extremely beneficial bonuses today!

Corona virus pandemic also changed the film industry which is now strongly using virus and pandemic themes in their movies. Is there maybe a coronavirus themed slot machine in the making? We are looking at you slot providers!




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