Are you ready for a €60.000 adventure at BitStarz Casino?

PromoStarz, We mean BitStarz is ON! €50.000 individual prizes are up for grabs. Don't believe us? Well, you are right, there is an additional €10.000 cash prize. Discover Indiana Jones in yourself and join the "Book of Starz - Level-Up" promotion and collect your money!

What's the catch? How do I play it?

The rules can't be more simple.

    1.Play any game at BitStarz.
    2.Reach the next level.
    3.Get a prize credited to your account.

How long does it run?

The promotion runs from 13:00 CET January 25, 2021 - 15:00 CET March 12, 2021. so don't miss your opportunity.
T&C applies.

Read more at BitStarz.



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    Founder of Slotalo. Entered a casino on his 18th birthday and the rest is history. If I would be an iguana who runs a casino, people would call me "The lizard of odds". Also would forbid a zoo in my casino because of too many cheetahs.


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